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God's Will and the World

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Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In talking to members, he seeks to inspire deep faith and religious dedication and help them persevere in the midst of trials. The speeches in this collection were given in a variety of contexts, as will be evident from the text. Some were spoken during evangelistic campaigns, others on anniversaries o f significant church accomplishments. Still others were addressed to newly engaged couples. These messages were all given in Korean or Japanese. For those delivered in the United States and Europe, Reverend Moon spoke in Korean with an interpreter at his side translating his words into English. The 38 discourses in God's Will and the World were carefully chosen by Reverend Moon. They are particularly relevant to understanding the providential era and the mission of the Unification Church, and the significance and heart of Reverend Moon himself.

680 pages
6 x 9 x 1.5 in
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