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Album: HYO JIN MOON - The Best "HyoJeong" Compilation

$ 43.00

Discover this remarkable artist's music. This is a CD compilation commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Hyo Jin Moon's Seonghwa. Includes a booklet, a USB drive, and 2 CDs. 

The 64 page booklet consists of Korean, Japanese, and English lyrics for both CDs, a discography and a photo album about the life of Hyo Jin Moon. The USB drive includes all music, booklet content, and a video of the 1992 Tokyo Concert. The 2 CDs consists of musical tracks including 2 special never-released songs:

2. I Will Always Treasure Your Love
3. Love You Forever Like Spring Rain
4. My Love
5. Let It Blow
6. Canaan Station
7. I Am A Fool
8. My Pledge
9. I Will Plant Love In This World
10. I Will Love You Till The End
11. Last Prayer (never-been-released)

1. Bliss
2. Honey I Love You
3. Dol-A-I
4. Love Is Forever
5. The World Is For You
6. My Heart Longs For You
7. Hurricane Kids
8. Brown Eyes
9. We Know The Way
10. Glory
11. Eternal Friend
13. One Word (never-been-released)

Booklet: 64 pages 
Album size: 7.5 x 9.5 x 1in
17.3 oz

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